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The Happy Blog is kept alive by a group of very talented article writers who post articles frequently. Namely they are Prof.Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe, Sadhana Senanayake, Kalindhi Fernando, Angie Weerasingham and Disali Pietersz (From Sri Lanka), Melissa Fisher and Zachary Pavilonis (From the US), Mercy Moses (From India) and Debbi Kris (From Bangkok). Watch this space for some very interesting, Holy Spirit inspired articles.

Dear GG; A tribute to a woman who loved Jesus

Dear GG, As I write this, it has been two weeks since you’ve passed. The reality of your passing has not fully registered with me. […]

Cycle of offense | Power to forgive | Christian News

The Mark of Cain

The story of Cain and Abel is known among believers and non believers alike, intriguing them and horrifying them at the same time. An act […]

Son of God | Christian News

God Gave that One Son to Gain Many Sons

“But I tell you the truth, it is TO YOUR ADVANTAGE ( other versions — it is for your good, it is profitable for you, […]

Christian News and Views Blog

Dreams from the Father

Dreams have long been a source of fascination and mystery to the human race. There have been countless studies done to analyse what we dream […]

Christian News Sri Lanka

Freedom From the Stone-Age

Tapping into excellence and Life of the ever-increasing variety is about obedience to wisdom (John 3:35-36). We’re all in Grace, but if we’re after the […]

WOW Riverlution

Limitless Life: National Masters Swimming Medalist & Fasted Cardio Expert Trainer Roshith Perera Speaks

Interview With RiverLution founder Roshith PereraTransformation from within!. RiverLution founder and Youth Pastor Roshith Perera talking about the LIMITLESS LIFE he leads his youth followers […]


The Transdimensional Yes!

INESCAPBLE FAVOR God so desires for us, possibly more than anything, that we be confident and full of joy (Prov 28:1, Rom 14:17, John 15:7-11, […]


Immortality 101

Why does the Church today suffer of sickness and disease? Learn about the INCORRUPTIBLE NATURE of the quickening Spirit within our mortal bodies. Posted by […]


Kaleidoscopic Glory

When man plants trees he plants an orchard and puts the trees in a nice, orderly and organized line and serves the purpose of producing […]


From the Kingdom of Darkness, to the Kingdom of Light

Thou shalt not…? For as long as I could remember, religion and I never really had a good relationship. It seemed to work quite nicely […]


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