INA (Indian National Apostolic Diocese)

INA (Indian National Apostolic Diocese)

After the nation’s independence in 1947 the Government of India inherited main line episcopal dioceses and did not recognise the independent church body as a legal entity. The INA Diocese is the “Pioneer” government recognized Episcopal Independent Diocese successfully functioning under mandatory grounds with a recognized legal frame-work to ordain and award Bishopric governance for Independent churches within India from the beginning.

Today the INA Diocese has over 11,000 churches registered under its diocesan criteria in India with Episcopal clergy rights and a growing number in the neighboring Nations under the parental recognition of INA International synod.

The INA has the authority and provides officiation and legal covering for the free independent churches to face the growing socio-political challenges of today.


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  1. Nitin   February 13, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    I have done my after this what degree I will get. I have 15years of experience in Gods ministry teaching in seminary and now I left resigned organization may I get details what degree I can achieve from INA.


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