If God Is Good, Why Then?

The scapegoat, usually, is God or fate, depending on which side of the philosophical team you've chosen to bat from.

If God Is Good, Why Then?

The problem, if any, is our understanding of God.

When you helplessly watch little children fall prey to incurable forms of cancer, when greed and hate seemingly trump kindness and selflessness, it’s a relief, really, to be able to point fingers at somebody – something, anything – in order to keep ourselves sane. The scapegoat, usually, is God or fate, depending on which side of the philosophical team you’ve chosen to bat from.

This is why the revelation that’s breaking across certain parts of the world at this moment in time is significant. Old timers and the insecure mock it because it strips away from them the power to wield fear as a weapon of mass control. Atheists scoff at it because human understanding cannot comprehend the divine power within oneself.

Debts, cancer, alcoholism, hate, death – the fault isn’t God’s. The fault isn’t in our stars. The fault isn’t in our genes, though it can be argued such. It is not our bad karma, either.

The scriptures tell us that Earth and dominion over it has been given to man. Even without going into scriptural references, of which there are a substantial amount, this can be obviously understood to mean that man has mastery over the earth and everything in it. It is ignorance to think that that includes only the visible, material world around us.

The more we allow the Word to transform us, the more we mature as sons of God. And the more we mature, the more the earth subjects itself to us. The age old question, ringing of despair, mockery and anger – If God is good, why did He allow this to happen? – is no longer (nor was it ever) relevant, because when God made man, he gave him absolute control of the earth. When man failed to exercise it, Jesus restored it. With Christ’s work on the cross, the onus for creation has been passed on to us, His sons. God, in His goodness, has given us authority to be Christ on earth. “The creation”, as we read, “waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God … (so) that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” As we walk into our sonship, we subjugate our environment.

Deposited within us is the power to heal, the power to make wealth, the power to create, the power to build and to transform. This is the reason the Holy Spirit was gifted to us.

It is not a ‘cruel’ God that wreaks havoc on earth. It is ignorant, unwilling man.

How do we enter into this dominion? We repent.
How do we stay in dominion? We make repentance a continual act.

And repentance, a translation of the word ‘metanoia’, means “a fundamental change in thinking and living.”

If God is good, why then is the earth in such turmoil? Because man is yet to step out of the comfort zone of established ways of thinking and living.