Are You Afraid To Be Naked With God?

I realized in my musings that I've never heard a message preached explaining or otherwise been instructed in how to have intimacy with God

Are You Afraid To Be Naked With God?

So I’ve been thinking, everyone preaches that intimacy is everything and that it’s where transformation takes place. This is undeniably the truth, but I realized in my musings that I’ve never heard a message preached explaining or otherwise been instructed in how to have intimacy with God. I’m humbled to today be one to help shed a bit of light on this subject that was freely given to me.

This season which I’m presently in is a wonderful one. In it God is teaching me so many cool and glorious things that I want to start this article by sharing to kind of set the stage for where we’re headed here. One really cool thing I’m learning is that everything is prophetic. In other words, God is ALWAYS speaking and we need only to become aware of how. Another cool one is that my relationship with God is special and doesn’t need to and will not look like anyone else’s. Realizing these two truths allowed me to stumble into understanding something so beautiful: my quiet time with Jesus doesn’t have to happen in my bedroom with my Bible open. It can happen in a noisy coffee shop, cafe, or shopping mall in the midst of hundreds of people. I can even profoundly hear the Voice of God watching a movie loaded with foul language (yeah… I feel the religious spirit flare up in me too). In fact, I’m seeing that my time with God is infinity richer seeking Him outside of the prayer closet that I’ve for so long inexorably boxed He and I into each day. And all it took was me ceasing to judge my relationship with God and weigh it against that of others. So today I went to my favorite coffee shop/café here in Colombo to do with God whatever we felt like doing.

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  1. Debbie Kris   June 25, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Thank you for this oh-so honest reflection! Love that this was an as-you-go learning revelation. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this on our Facebook Forum — Empowered as Sons? It will awaken others to this perspective fo intimacy.


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